Success and Teamwork

What is teamwork?

Team work is a group that has:

A common purpose and clear goals.

Complimentary Skills

A common approach to work

The willingness to share information.

Member-supporting environment.

The ability to work through conflicts.

Why Teamwork?

1. Accomplish more in: • Quantity • Complexity
2. Generate more solutions/brainstorming ideas.
3. Gain exposure to various points of view.
4. Develop/use “critical thinking” & “evaluation” skills.
5. Improve conflict resolution skills.
6. Improve communication skills
Accomplish projects an individual cannot do
• Most engineering projects are too large or too complex for one individual to complete alone. • Imagine trying to build the Golden Gate Bridge all by yourself!
Brainstorm More Solution Options
• Different people looking at the same problem will find different solutions.
Detect Flaws in Solutions
• A team looking at different proposed solutions may find pitfalls that an individual might miss.
Build Community
• Members of effective teams can form personal bonds which are good for individual and workplace morale. In the university setting, students on teams often form bonds that extend beyond the