Solar Energy

Our Products

  • Bi-facial hetero-junction high efficiency mono crystalline PV solar modules.
  • Poly, mono PERC PV solar modules.
  • Solar luminary systems.
  • Solar pumps for sustainable agriculture.
  • Solar rooftop for rural and urban energy solution.
  • Design, Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning (EPC) of solar power plants.
  • Solar energy solution for gas stations, community hall, hospitals, schools and temple and farm houses.

About US

Our team consists of Scientists and Engineers dedicated with professional experience in Nano technology, Advanced Material Science and expertise in design & manufacturing novel construction materials and we are passionate in delivering superior green energy solution to worldwide.

Why AMERITTI Nano-Polycrystalline Solar Power Panel?

  • AMERITTI is Leading provider of Cost-Efficient Nano encapsulated Polycrystalline Solar Power Panels (Nano PPV)
  • AMERITTINano PPV Solar Power Panels stands for Innovation, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Cost-Efficient and Confidence
  • AMERITTI Nano PPV Solar power panels are the best for all types of weather conditions
  • AMERITTI Nano PPV Solar Power panels are resistant to Corrosion, Breakage and antireflective
  • AMERITTI Nano PPV Solar Power Panels are nanoencapsulated solar cells and prevents degradation due to moisture
  • AMERITTI Nano PPV Solar Power panels deliver consistently more energy with high performance than conventional panels
  • AMERITTI Nano PPV Solar Power Panels produce consistent power even with shade, dirt or debris
  • AMERITTI Nano PPV Solar Power panels are backed by 25 years of combined power and product warranty