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Our team consists of Scientists and engineers dedicated with professional experience in nano technology for renewable green energy solutions worldwide. We are leader in design and manufacturing innovative nano encapsulated multi and mono PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell), bi-facial solar cells to harness the maximum solar energy into PV power generation. We manufacture state of the art solar luminary systems for urban and rural energy solution.


Our team specialized in nano biotechnology for sanitation, hygiene, waste water treatment (advanced bioreactors for sustainable waste water treatment to rural and urban areas). We are leader in nano membrane development for desalination technology to supply improved drinking water quality. We design and construct advanced solid waste management system for sustainable energy conversion. We are specialized in water governance, sustainable development on water sanitation and hygiene.


Nano materials and nano sensors: We developed nano material based sensors for image processing and signal processing for scalable in centralized, semi distributed and distributed surveillance system with sensor fusion algorithms using multiple nano sensors. We developed Nano bio sensors for diagnostic applications and sensitive determination of diabetic index. We are leader in Nano-biotech based natural products for disinfection and nutritional health care.

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